The Day Before


Programme notes

Salima Pasha (Murad) was a much-loved Iraqi singer.

Jo Wilding is a British lawyer and peace campaigner working for justice in Iraq.

Lisa Whistlecroft is English and is ashamed of British foreign policy.

The pessteh Il Hajir moo 3ada Ghareebeh is the song of a woman abandoned by her lover. The opening words are "Your abandoning me is not a habit that is strange to you, nor is it surprising coming from a person like you".

There is also a commentary...


The recording of Il Hajir moo 3ada Ghareebeh is used with the kind permission of

The excerpt from Jo Wilding's diary of 19 March 2003 is used with her approval. The diaries were originally online hosted by Bristol Friends of the Earth.

Speech rendering by Apple.


  • Sheffield, England, at Sound Junction, 28 May 2003
  • California State University, Fullerton, USA, Third Annual Women and Gender in Music Festival, Electro-acoustic Listening Room, Hearing Voices, 14 March 2004
  • Broadcast on 209Radio, Cambridge, England, 12 Feb 2006
  • St Peter's Arts Centre, Preston, England, in Trans-Pennine Electroacoustic Music Concert as part of SEAMUS Electroacoustic Music Month, 4 November 2006
  • Broadcast on Radio New Zealand Concert in Susan Frykberg's Upbeat programme and podcast on 17 October 2012