Programme notes

Trinkets brought back from overseas holidays (usually other people's) form the basis of a world where the sounds, like the memories, are somewhat larger than life.

Souvenirs was started in 1997, abandoned, then completed in 2001.


Thanks to Jonty Harrison and Kevin Busby of the University of Birmingham for studio time and support. Thanks also to all the friends who brought me mementos of their holidays abroad!


  • CBSO Centre, Birmingham, England, as part of NOVARS, 10 November 2001
  • The Arches, Glasgow, Scotland, as part of the New Territories 2002 International Festival of Live Arts, 17 Feb 2002
  • Broadcast in the programme Where's the Beat? on CKUT Montreal, Canada, 6 March 2002
  • Room 107, Oyston Gallery of Contemporary Art, Preston, England, BEAST concerts, 16 and 17 May 2003
  • Scarborough, England, at SEA03 (Scarborough Electro-Acoustics), 4 July 2003.
  • Broadcast in the programme Acoustic Frontiers on CKCU-FM Ottawa, Canada, 4 February 2013

A study for Souvenirs from 1997, called Lacanau, can be heard online in eContact! issue 2.2 (1999).