Jack Scout (redux)

Louise Ann Wilson Company and Sap Dance


Nigel Stewart


Natasha Fewings and Nigel Stewart

Video Editing

Janan Yakula

Sound Design

Lisa Whistlecroft


Jack Scout (redux) is an 18-minute dance and movement art film. Jack Scout was a promenade performance piece by Louise Ann Wilson and Nigel Stewart (Sap Dance), incorporating live music, speech, dance and installations. The film Jack Scout (redux) is derived from the original live work, re-working some of the footage from the documentary archive made after the public performances. The sound track is partly intrinsic to the film material and partly post-composed using sound recorded at Jack Scout as its basis.


  • Extract entitled 'Matchless' at the Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster University, England, Dance Cuts Showcase 2013, 2 March 2013
  • Media Factory, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, England, Future Sound 2015, 8 May 2015